The Last Three British Aikido Pioneers Meet the Doshu – Fri June 18th 2010.

Some months before, Sensei’s Haydn Foster, Henry Ellis, and Derek Eastman were advised by TK Chiba Shihan that the Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba had requested a meeting with the last three pioneers of British Aikido at the Cardiff Seminar to be held at Sofia Gdns Sports Centre.

The meeting was held in the Doshu’s Executive suite. It was anticipated that the meeting would be brief, It was quite the opposite, the meeting was very cordial and openly welcoming, the Doshu was happy to accommodate all photo requests, he asked many questions on the early days and the teachers.

The Doshu honoured Sensei’s Foster, Ellis & Eastman with their 6th dan AikiKai Hombu certificates and membership books.

Later in the evening Ellis Sensei presented the Doshu with the brochures of the 2005 `Kenshiro Abbe Memorial Event` and the brochure of the 2007

`Masahilo Nakazono Memorial Event` and the Doshu appeared pleased with these historic items.

The members of the AikiKai Joint Council ( JAC ) were very friendly and welcoming at the social buffet during the evening.

The British BiranKai members were excellent hosts and could not do enough to make our weekend complete, we thank them for that.