Haydn Foster Sensei – 1927 to 2011 – British Aikido Pioneer.

Sadly the UK lost one of the founders of British Aikido on

Sunday 13th Feb 2011, when Haydn Foster, one of the original British

Aikido Black Belts passed away.

Foster Sensei began Aikido training at the ‘Hut’ dojo. The birthplace

of British Aikido in 1957, first studying under the legendary Budo Master

Kenshiro abbe, the first teacher to bring Aikido to the UK.

Awarded one of the first Dan grades in the UK in 1960 from Abbe Sensei.

Foster Sensei went on to study and gain Dan grades under some of the finest of O’Sensei’s Uchi-Deshi to visit the UK.

This included Matsuharu Nakazono Sensei, Tadashi Abe Sensei, Masamichi Noro Sensei, and TK Chiba Sensei.

Foster Sensei was a regular senior instructor at Aikido seminars around the country and appeared in some of its most important. This including the 2005 – 50 year anniversary of the birth of British Aikido dedicated to Kenshiro Abbe.

In 2009, Foster Sensei was honoured by Chiba Sensei with a 6th Dan Birankai award, and later a 6th Dan Aiki-Kai award from the Doshu himself.

Foster Sensei will be remembered as not only a superb and well loved teacher, but also as the founder of the ‘Institute of Aikido’ http://www.ioaikido.co.uk and the teacher who kept the original ‘Hut’ Dojo running.

He actively taught the art right to the end of his life.

He never stopped passing on his knowledge, and in the true Aikido spirit, always knew he had so much more to learn from this infinite art.

Always considered by those who knew him well as a Gentleman, he will be sadly missed by not just his family and friends; but also the British Aikido community, who recognise his enormous influence and contribution to the development of Aikido in the UK.

Truly an inspiration to us all.